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Here we focus on the new life of the Goddess Alexandrea and friends, following the next generation of magical beings, as they grow and embark on their own adventures. 7D7W Academy is the sequel to the original '7Doors7Worlds' story.

The 7D7W Dimension is a magical plane above the mortal world and beneath the World of the Gods and was created by Alexandrea. A Magic Academy was built in the 7D7W dimension after the Crystal War, with Gwendelline being the Headmistress. The Academy is divided into four houses, each named in honor of the mission teams in the Crystal War. These houses are: PurpleRose, BlueBird, RedFlame and GreenLeaf. Some of the students attending the academy are children of the heroes who helped save the worlds. It is open to all magical beings from across the universe.

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